Women In Agriculture

There is no doubt that in the modern and globalized world, women have increasingly become recognized in all professions they are active in, be it in the medical, legal, engineering, managerial and administrative areas.

A great example of the professional expansion of women is the fact that the last decade both Argentina (Cristina Kirchner) and Brazil (Dilma Rousseff) elected a woman president by popular vote.

As with other areas of work, women over the years have also started to garner recognition in ​​modern agriculture. We see in multiple developed countries around the world the work of women in agriculture in areas such as technical assistance, administration, management, inventory control and human resources. We even see women operating agricultural machinery, driving trucks, forklifts, excavators, in short, equipment that requires a lot of concentration, precision and discipline.

The presence of women in agriculture is not a new, in fact women have been highly visible in agriculture for over a millennium around the world with countries such as Vietnam, India, Thailand, Japan, China and many others. In the last century, women participation accelerated with the two world wars which meant more were needed for the war fronts so women took over their roles of caring for farms and farm animals.

From this brief highlight on the role of women in agriculture, I as a man in the profession, can affirm that women have steadily been increasing the role in modern agriculture, consolidating a place for themselves in the industry, a place that has always been their right from time immemorial when subsistence farming was the norm and woman accounted for a large part of the agriculture workforce.

Traxi thanks and congratulates all the women out there!
 Humberto da Silva da rosa

Farm Manager, Traxi