How To Prepare For A Successful Harvest Season


Harvesting involves gathering a ripe crop from the field. This crop is then stored in warehouses, silos or sold directly to the markets. Postharvest handling operations such as s drying, cleaning, sorting and bagging are essential to make the product ready for the market in good quality

Farmer preparedness:

Machine Make-over

Own Combine harvester or that of a Contractors are checked at least a month before use. Combine harvester must be serviced with replacement of belts, bearings, knife sections, knife guards and any part that looks defective or that are suspect. Lubrication is done way before harvesting and it is imperative not to wait until the crop is ready. Maintenance checks and repairs must be done ahead of time.

Think Back

Previous harvesting season facts are revisited. The problems encountered with equipment, transport, storage or any other issues are reviewed and solved in advance to avoid recurrence.

Replacement Parts Orders

Combine harvester, tractor or trailers must be obtained in advance plus all spares needed for the season.  Stocks of knife sections, knife guards and belts are kept. Specialised mechanics for the machine are sought in advance.


Storage space is made ready by clearing all the space for the new crop.


Lastly, 2 Timothy 2:6, “The hardworking farmer should be the first to receive his share of the crops”. 

High yields are the trophy at the end of the marathon – the growing season.

Have a good and prosperous harvest.